Yamaha PSR E343 organ
Manufacturer: Yamaha
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Yamaha PSR E343 organ

- To promote the creative potential of your music. Yamaha instruments are always teachers and professional musicians and recommended use than any other instrument.

- Use simple, intuitive communication fucking awful thing with new design more elegant.

- Keyboard 61 full-size keys, volume, language can change keys corresponding to the rated power with 32-chord polyphony

- 550 timbres and 136 high quality music available

- Effects Ultra Wide Stereo ultra-wide, dynamic sound field beyond normal speakers

- New functionality - "Filter tone" may omit the main melody in the songs for you to play

- Connect AUX-in (stereo - mini jack) allows you to connect with other music playback devices such as iPod and use of male speakers to play music tracks in the device

- The internal memory can memorize up to 9 of your favorite settings and lets you easily select the settings as needed

- Database music allows setting parameters for herd with one button to play selected tracks

- The collection consists of 2 tracks makes it easy to record 5 tracks serve the mixer and your practice

- Portable Grand button handy so you can choose timbre ocean world famous bird of instant Yamaha

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