Casio CTK organ 6250
Manufacturer: Casio
Guarantee: 24 months
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The acoustic song provides 16 slots plus one groove recording system supports up to five songs and a total of approximately 12,000 notes. Can record each part separately instrument into different grooves to provide the ability to record multiple tracks really. The full set of editing tools include event insert, event delete, event copy, digitize, positioning feature to select a range of notes to be corrected, and more. Step recording function also lets you enter notes by specifying the length and pitch. Can convert recordings into formats complete SMF (Standard MIDI File) and stored in SD memory card.

The acoustic song
32 channel mixer

Manipulating buttons can be used to adjust the volume and, contrary to equalizer, reverb send and other parameters.
Tone corrector

Rhythm repair kit lets you combine instrument parts from multiple preset rhythm, enable or disable each individual instrument parts, adjust the volume, equalizer side to side, reverb and other parameters to create rhythm your own original tone. You can even create original rhythms for NORMAL accompanying rhythmic pattern, FILL IN, INTRO, and ENDING. You can store up to 10 original rhythms in memory for instant access when needed.
Ministry of sound effects and all other tools you need to create the exact sound you want

Sound effects generator flexible sound creation tools essential
Digital effects

The preset effects include reverb (10 types), chorus (five types), and DSP (100 types using 46 effect types include slow development, creating phase, mute, as distortion, rotation and types other). You can apply different effects to a tone to create exactly the sound you want. By adjusting the parameters of the DSP effect types, you can create original DSP effects and store up to 100 original types in memory for later use.

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