Casio CTK organ 2400
Manufacturer: Casio
Guarantee: 12 months
Price: Contact Us

Casio CTK-2400 is the ideal choice for new players, very easy to use, portable keyboard with a lot of custom sounds.

With 150 tone patterns, 400 preset sound styles include worldwide. 2400 is a sampling keyboard CTK form allows you to record an easy form and put into English thanks microphone system attached on the board. Also above also support 10 audio effects to change the template helps you to enjoy the record one way more interesting form.

Add featured prominently for new keyboard player, there is a system of associated lesson consists of 4 parts (hearing, vision, memory, automatic), allowing you can learn with your left hand, right hand or both hands, based on the severity of your convenience, including effective evaluations. CTK 2400 with 110 bank song melody and song books, plus you can also plug in a CD player, MP3 player when you want to study or test the songs you love.

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