Choosing organ
Date: 15/05/2015

As versatile instrument, but easy to learn, the organ has always been the choice of many people. The pianos suitable choice depends not only on budget, but also on the level of user ...

Organ to start practicing music:

This line is particularly suitable male children, who began practicing new forms of music keys. There are about 4-5 grade (28 to 35 keys) with audio pronunciations herd mainly piano, organ, guitar, violin ... and the key tone "sound dead" (not dependent on male power press) should sort this member special particularly suitable for finger exercises. The music installation is also simple herd with a few strains of pop, ballads, disco, some Latin group dance like rumba, bolero, chachacha ... as background music. Also, men are also installed multiple pattern matching accompaniment of piano lesson lesson.

In addition, each guitar is always accompanied by a self-training books and manuals used above. Field is famous for its herd trademarks of Yamaha, Casio ... On the market cost between 500,000 - 1,500,000 / tree.

Organ for the people who trained fingers:

Reference price

Dan finger exercises:

Yamaha PSR-210: 1.300.000d

Casio CT-625: 1.100.000

Improve their herd:

Casio LK-270: 5,000,000 VND

Kawai 77 keys: 7,000,000 VND

Roland E-09: 9.800.000d

Organ for professional people:

Yamaha PSR-S900: 20.995.000d

Roland E-10: 23.000.000d

The two floors above categories electone: 7,000,000 VND

For customers competently practiced finger, grasp music theory, familiar with the requirements frets have more applications in the mixer, creating new sounds or increasing or decreasing the supply and raising the qualification level. So above the line for this object installed approximately 100 background music and sound around 150 different languages.

Also, a lot of applications for an equalizer, the user's personal settings and many other functions such as recording tracks buffering medium, creating sound effects and fast switching mode from this dance through dance More ... Forum is also designed for the small screen on the above display mode is used. Yin is negative frets live, between 5 and 6 positions (35 to 42 frets) advantageous to buffer the piano. Attached to it is "purified" to help personalize the accompanist. Firms such as Casio, Yamaha, Kawai, Roland ... have introduced products priced from 7,000,000 VND 2.500.000-.

Organ multistage for professionals:

This herd common line with 2 floors for 2 hand keys, the left hand right hand downstairs and upstairs. In addition to the richness of the music and sound, more male "foot bass" (including 7-8 cushion foot to left foot bass in music) and "accelerator" (small to volume control depending on the press footed). The market has some products that do not have the "foot pedal" as above but with more other applications that do not have non-professional male lines such as cutting rhythms, orchestral, solo ... line is pretty much above multilayer band Doctorate and the professional qualifications favorite organ. This product features a full live orchestra and preferred to buffer the piano music can provide a very high level, it is often used when performing or playing in birthday parties, weddings and ceremonies church official. Renowned as of Yamaha products, KORG, Roland, electone ... with prices around $ 500 to $ 1,300.

When buying an organ, consumers should consult the sales staff to choose the most suitable product.

Preservation of the organ:

Do not get long nails, to trim the nail so that the touch keys on the fleshy part of the fingertips, purchase price and to book upstairs music music music appreciation. No music on herd books upright, prone to scratches. Do not leave anything on the face of the guitar.

After the game is finished, so thick hooded towel or cloth to preserve herd from dust. If the herd has dust, use a soft bristle brush types, to scanned light, do not use wipes for friction between the wiper and dust will scratch board.

However, despite the above have been scratching sound quality was less affected. After a few years, consumers can go "tut" again as new shell for herd replacement, when to move gently to avoid extreme stress, can affect the sound, not for small countries to above, special especially soft drinks, tea, coffee.

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