As the music crossed all its meaning!
Date: 16/05/2015

Music is not merely a sound that seemed meaningless it is the soul, the feeling, the emotion contained through every gamut downs on each note. Is it the music is what always efficacious panacea to all the soul seemed most sensitive.

Music can bring joy as well as bring the tears. Music can express the feelings that people want to express music, as music has its own way to weave and touch the soul seemed dying in this life full of tasteless .

Music sometimes become the impetus, the most powerful encouragement for those weak-minded, or is the very soul seeking shared encouraging words, enough to pass all the time labor as well as the difficult times of danger.

Music is also a deadly weapon, could make the soldiers seemed strongest, lost the battle morale. Can forget the numerous battles that the generals have used music to destabilize the enemy and defeated only by the epics full of tragic, or by music reminiscent of family and country incense, filled full of emotion and evoke the beauty of the word "Peace" sacred.

And the older people we lost on that matter and soul, then nothing can substitute for that which can match the music. Bethoveen music used to replace the "eyes" and "ears" or a modern composer Stevie Wonder but was blind from birth, but still became the composer and singer famous all over the world ...

Music transcends its meaning, transforming ordinary things become extremely special, turning what seemed impossible into possible, making special things become things beyond imagination our.

Bring music to our hearts and for our friends again, and see, the music changed us how!

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