10 benefits of playing a musical instrument
Date: 16/05/2015

1. Play the instrument to relieve stress

The researchers on the benefits of music have confirmed that, play a musical instrument often can help reduce stress. Research shows that playing a musical instrument helps in reducing heart rate and blood pressure, thereby reducing the stress, make us feel comfortable. Learning to play an instrument brings a routine helps you relax. Musician Michael Jolkovski, a psychologist has said that music also helps in reducing stress by helping people closer together.

2. Play a musical instrument makes you smarter

Those music education often clever than others. The extensive research in this field has demonstrated that people who know how to play the instrument would do better. One team has confirmed musical training better than using computers in teaching. Music training significantly enhances abstract reasoning abilities of children, as well as the skills necessary for learning math and science.

3. Play a musical instrument improves your social life

Music helps you connect. Learning a musical instrument helps you to meet more people. For children, music can help develop social skills. Maestro Eduardo Marturet, a conductor, composer and musical director has observed the effect of music on children's social skills. "In society, people participate in a group will learn important life skills, such as how to communicate with others, how to work in a team, how to respect and appreciate the ability of as well as other developing leadership skills and discipline. "

4. Playing an instrument helps you confidence

Choosing to learn the lessons of music can help you confidently. Once you know that you may be proficient in a certain subject area, such as music, you will feel more confident about themselves. Learn to play a musical instrument can help both children and adults faced with the problem of trust. Elizabeth Dotson - Westphalen, a music teacher and performer, has found that music helped many students develop confidence.

5. Play a musical instrument teaches you perseverance

Music teachers say that music can teach you perseverance. Learning to play an instrument is a continuous process, lasting. Learn to play a musical instrument can help a musician knows how to play without making mistakes. This development perseverance.

6. Playing an instrument to promote creativity

Living with multiple molds are blocking our creativity. Learn to play a musical instrument, especially when you reach the level pretty, can promote creativity. Because music education as uplifting sentiments and your perception, the brain is stimulated unusual thoughts, improve creativity.

7. Play a musical instrument improves memory

Music and memory are associated with each other. Learn to play a musical instrument that you have to use both parts of your brain and this helps to improve memory. Further studies have shown that music education from an early age to help improve learning and memory in children. Music education is also associated with higher IQs and better brain development.

8. Play a musical instrument developed discipline

Music requires dedication and practice regularly. Provide for a specific time to practice daily music developed in academic discipline. This can prove to be extremely advantageous in children.

9. Play a musical instrument gives you a sense of satisfaction

Singers pianist Emily, in the article entitled, 12 Reasons you should learn to play the piano, play piano writing that can bring real sense of satisfaction. "It really is one of the most satisfying things you can do".

10. Playing an instrument is fun

Finally, learn to play an instrument brings a lot of joy in your life. Music has a special quality to bring joy, peace and help improve the spiritual life and make life more enjoyable for everyone.

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